What is cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressed juice is extracted using a hydraulic press, which means that enzymes are not destroyed via the heat of a spinning blade and that nutrients are not lost through oxidation.


Why are SHOT cold-pressed juices different?

RAW - We do not use HPP (High Pressure Processing) to extend the shelf-life of our juices.  This ensures that vital enzymes in the raw ingredients are retained.  Our juices are made fresh in-store and have a shelf life of only 3 days.

ORGANIC – Our juices are organic because we believe this is important when consuming such concentrated doses of vegetables and fruit.

GLYCEMIC INDEX - We use more vegetables than fruits in every juice to keep the GI lower and reduce insulin spikes.

NUTRIENT-RICH - Our juices contain between 500g and 750g of raw vegetables & fruits in each juice.

BOOSTERS - We selectively add superfood boosters such as maca and spirulina to provide additional health benefits.