Meet Jessica Pires, founder of luxury natural hair care brand Onira Organics.

Born and raised in Paris, Jessica now resides in London where she manages to successfully juggle the responsibilities of motherhood and running her own business. We discuss her favourite foods, healthy habits and love of pole dancing!  

What inspired you to start Onira Organics? 

About four years ago, after having my children, I became a lot more aware and conscious of my lifestyle. I made changes in all aspects of my life, from my fitness routine and diet to my beauty regime. Health and wellness became a huge focus for me. After trying, and struggling, to find a luxurious, natural haircare line that really worked, I resolved to create my own. Onira means ‘dream’ in Greek, I’m half Greek and feel a very strong connection to my heritage, so Onira Organics seemed like the perfect fit.

How big a role does health and fitness play in your life? 

Health and fitness plays a really big role in my life. I train five times a week; a mixture of high-intensity fitness training, pole dancing and yoga. 7am is my favourite time to work-out, I feel like it really sets me up for the day. Outside of that, I eat really well too. My diet is macrobiotic, so everything I fuel my body with is super fresh, organic and in-season. 

Organic on your hair and on your plate? How much importance do you place on organic produce? 

Absolutely. Organic produce is hugely important to me, in every capacity. If I can buy my food locally, and know exactly where it came from, I would always rather do that than buy from a big supermarket. Just having an organic label isn’t enough for me; in recent years, I’ve become a lot more aware of how my personal decisions impact the wider picture. By supporting a local greengrocer, who’s produce is fresh and grown locally, I know that I’m doing my bit to help protect and preserve our planet.

Favourite exercise class? 

I love pole dancing! It’s a full-body workout and really helps to tone your core. That’s the only class I do really; my Personal Trainer, Coupe, and my Yoga teacher, Sharon, both come to my home for workouts (which I’m very thankful for at 6:55am, when I’m trying to make myself get out of bed!).

Ingredient you can’t live without? 

Quinoa. I probably eat it at least once a day! I think a lot of people think it’s really boring or lacks flavour, but that just means you have to get a bit more creative about the ingredients you use it with. I love incorporating quinoa into salads, with seasonal vegetables and even fruit sometimes (I love adding nectarine in the summer). It adds another layer of texture and keeps me full all afternoon.

Favourite cheat meal? 

I absolutely love Indian food! I think it’s so important to have a balance and indulge a little bit sometimes. I do make sure I work extra-hard in my workout the next day though!

Running your own business must require a lot of hard work, how do you make sure you get enough down time?

I really try to keep my weekends as my down time. It’s not always possible, and I will never be too far away from my emails or my phone, but with a young family it is really important to me to make sure that Saturdays and Sundays are spent with them.

What exciting plans are on the horizon for Onira? 

We’ve just recently launched with Le Bon Marché in Paris, which we’re so happy about! When I first started Onira, that was one of the goals I set myself, so it was really surreal seeing Onira products in the store! It was a very proud moment for me. We are also about to launch a beautiful salon and concept store in Rome called Headspace, and an amazing store called Organic Luxury in Munich is our first German retailer. Back at home, we’re also due to launch with The Shop at Bluebird imminently, and have recently added La Gent to our list of stockists. These carefully curated, premium concept stores are really pioneering the way in the customer shopping experience, which we absolutely love. Every day is exciting for Onira, there’s always new opportunities on the horizon. Watch this space. 

Photo Credit: @katherine_ormerod / http://www.workworkwork.co/tag/katherine-ormerod/