Mike Burt is a current British Bench Press Champion, veteran of the personal training world and the founder of One Performance UK, a premium provider of Personal Training and Sports Therapy services, located in Richmond. To find out more about One Performance UK, go to or contact

Here, Mike outlines 20 simple but effective points to help you get the most out of your workouts: 

1. There are no shortcuts

2. Resistance training is your no.1 priority

3. Diet and training plans don't need to be complicated

4. You and you alone are in charge of everything that goes in your mouth

5. Squats are great, but not everyone is built for them

6. A deadlift is one of the simplest yet biggest bang for your buck exercises, however correct form is essential

7. Consistency is absolutely key

8. Find something you enjoy, or 7 won't happen

9. You can have your cake and eat it, just as long as you've moved enough that week that you maintain an overall calorie deficit

10. Sports massage, stretching and mobility are MUSTS

11. The number of Likes on a fitness celebs page is normally inversely proportional to the quality of their content

12. Supplements will give you 0.000000000001% over and above good training and nutrition

13. You are an individual, you will not respond the same to training and eating like your work colleague, so focus on yourself and your progress

14. Being stronger will enhance EVERY aspect of your life

15. Slow the lowering phase of your lift right down, for every rep

16. Core/ab work won't make your belly shrink

17. Eat protein with every meal

18. A few alcoholic drinks can quickly undo your hard work

19. Drink lots of water

20. Know that somebody, somewhere will be jealous of YOUR body too